The history of Boss Cotton & The Pipeline Boys

Welcome to my website! I’m Herbert Hopkins, aka Boss Cotton – a Louisiana born and raised pipeliner who loves to make music. Take time to explore the site, listen to some of our tunes and check out our schedule of upcoming shows.

I’m a self-taught musician who has ben playing and writing music for 20 years now.  I never really got in to playing cover songs because I was more interested in creating my own style – mixing Southern rock, country, blues, a little Spanish, and even some Cajun. I think being self-taught really helped me refine my own distinctive sound. After all, if you don’t have other musicians shaping the way you play, your sound starts to come out pretty quick.  I’m starting to get in to Open G, DADGAD and other alternate tunings so it’s going to be interesting what kind of influence that will have on my upcoming third release.

I’m lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to travel this great country and do things most people only dream about. It’s those experiences that have shaped me and my music. I try to tell a relatable story in every song, in a way that really touches my audience. Good music has a sound you like, great music tells a story you can relate to.

My fans mean the world to me. I hope all of you will head over to Facebook and become a fan and while you’re there, you can check out the guidelines for the “submit your cover art” contest. You can read more about the contest here too.

That’s enough about me for now. Take time to listen to some of our tracks and be sure to browse our image gallery – its a great place to keep up with me and everything going on in my life. I always love to hear from my fans, so if you have a chance drop me a note.